I am a PHP Developer, freelancing in Aberdeen, Scotland and I enjoy making cool stuff.

What cool stuff?

How about a service for sending longer tweets to Twitter? Check out TwitPlus.
A Google Map maker for escaping iFrames? Checkout the GMapApp.
Or a lightweight ecommerce system called BlueberryCart? Yep, it's in development.

About Me

I previously worked for HeatingSave (Tensor PLC) developing a web application which allowed clients to setup and control Automated Home & Business Heating Systems.

Previous to HeatingSave I worked as Production Manager for a magazine in South East England called Aspect County, my role there was to produce the layouts for the magazine, artwork for advertisements and to source and set out editorial content.

Specialties: PHP, HTML5, MySQL, MSSQL, JavaScript, jQuery, W3C Standards


Are website builders any good?

Website Builders are becoming increasingly popular; with more websites being built using services like Wix and Weebly for low budget websites, will website builders dominate the web? – Read more...


Tweet Longer with TwitPlus


Shire Country Clothing

Bellissima Touch

Bellissima Touch


If you want to discuss a project or to see what I'm up to; you can follow me on Twitter @WilliamIsted.

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