If you browse the Wix - About Us page you’ll find this statistic on the page:

“We are a proud & happy company providing a cloud-based web development platform to over 43 million users in 190 countries”

You can see from this and from the Weebly website “More than 140M unique visitors are now going to over 20M Weebly sites monthly” that Website Builders are a big business.

With Wix, what you see is what you get, and nothing more. If you can’t see an option on the builder for a preprogrammed choice for the overall design or an individual element there’s no way to customise further. This might not be a problem to a standard user, but if you want to make your website stand out from the rest of the templates and remove that oh so Wix feeling, you’ll struggle to do so. Wix is the Dreamweaver of the web.

The further limitation of the Wix Website Builder is not being able to change templates without starting afresh. There’s no swapping out skins or previewing other designs with your existing content. If you want to change the template to something else, you’ll have to start a new website and manually place the content and styling again.

“It is not possible to change one Wix template with another one within a created site. It is also not possible to combine two different Wix templates in one site- you are able to edit only one at a time. If you wish to choose a different template, simply create a new site.”

The above text comes from the Wix support site which you can find at wix.com/support/main/html5 searching for ‘change template’.

Wix Template Help


Weebly is a step up from Wix with an easy to use drag and drop builder which makes the layout of your site simple and quick to do. If you’re feeling brave enough and you understand what you are doing, you can edit the HTML and CSS of your site by customising the theme.

Personalising your website; page from page is still a challenge as things like header images must be the same for each page across the theme. Which may cause the users of the website to find the design boring and lose interest earlier. This is not an ideal replacement of a CMS.

If you’re looking for an ecommerce site then Weebly has that option covered. But with basic ecommerce features like Tax, Shipping and having more than 25 products on your Store you’ll need to upgrade to the Business Plan which starts at $29.00/month (£17.40) - $469/biennial (£281) which isn’t a great deal of money, but you are being limited by the plugins that Weebly can provide for their system.
If you want a functional website (ecommerce or otherwise) with a unique feel & look that will attract and keep users engaged and set you ahead of your competition you should bite the bullet and invest to accumulate.